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of your smartphone and the many benefits of this excellent setup
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Now you can boost your work towards Achievement, Power and Success with Orgone Generators®, and this is Advanced Technology for
self improvement   Self-Improvement, Balance, Intellectual Skills
     fitness and weight loss   Fitness, Sports, Weight Loss, Body Building
          control of destiny   Trend Management, Control of Destiny
               popularity and mind control   Mind Control, Popularity and Charisma

Orgone Generators® are Powerful Tools for you to help you achieve ...
general success  Assured Success Faster and Easier
orgonite results  Results that are More Effective than ever before
positive permanent solutions  Positive Permanent Solutions
               orgonite devices  ... at the Flip of a Switch!

It's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

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3. On this web site
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We are going to support our associates with Training Sessions/Classes

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The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Orgone Generators®, Manifestation Software and Radionics™ Machines with built-in Orgone Generators®.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

agriculture, plants, lawns break up electrosmog, DOR, gaming management pet care sports
artistic inspiration business, office energy geopathic stress marketing politics supplements
attachments charisma esp and psychic herbs meditation popularity living water
attacks children family intelligence mind control profession weight control
balance competition fitness intuition money relationships weight loss
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